About Roses on the Windshield

Hello and welcome to Roses on the Windshield.  It’s a very special place. A refuge of love and sharing. A place to read inspiring stories of the things people do to show and share their love with their loves.This site is dedicated to lovers, falling in love, being in love and (especially) staying in love. I’m Paul Flood and I created it to show my love for my wife, Brenda. During a particularly challenging moment in my life, Brenda put a Rose on my Windpaul_rose_smshield that lifted my spirits, strengthened our love and changed my life.

Here is the story of Roses on the Windshield

August 25, 2008 – I awoke this morning after a rather fitful sleep, stressed and worried about a lot of things that are happening in my life. As I do every morning, I turned over to snuggle with Brenda (after 28 years, still the best way to start my day).

She sensed my pain and asked me what was bothering me. I shared my thoughts and feelings and cried on her shoulder. She said “Check your email.”

Check my email? Hmmm.

I went into my office, got my laptop and brought it with me to the bedroom. With my love at my side, I opened Outlook and clicked on the note with the subject “Read this first.”

What was in the email from Brenda?

Well, before I share it with you so that you understand the power of Brenda’s message, I need to give a bit of a background.

Like many in love, Brenda and I like to surprise each other with little things that say “I love you.” One of my favorites is giving her flowers. It’s my way of saying “You bring color and beauty into my life every day. The flowers are a way for me to bring color and beauty into yours. When you see them, smile and know how much I love you.”

Every once in a while, I will buy a single pink rose (Brenda’s favorite) and drive over to where she works and place it on the windshield of her car. When she gets off after a long day at work and walks to her car, I know she will smile, and maybe even cry.

Brenda tells me her co-workers ask her, “Did Paul do something? Did you have a fight?” She says, “No, Roses on my Windshield is one of the things he does to show his love for me.”

– Roses on the Windshield –

What are yours?

Every day, we live. Every day, we love or long for love.

Every day, millions of people in love wonder if their husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend really loves them.

Love… How can we express a feeling that is beyond words? With little things. With words. With looks. With hugs and pats. With notes. With Roses on the Windshield.

What are your Roses on the Windshield? How are you telling your love about your love? What are the little things that you do to surprise them? Of all of God’s gifts, the greatest is love. It is one of the few things in life that not only makes our lives better, but makes the world a better place.

Roses on the Windshield are not just for lovers. They are there to share with our children, our parents, our brothers, sisters, neighbors, co-workers and pets. They may be flowers. They may be words, smiles, notes or an attitude. The key for us is to realize that the Roses are always staring us directly in the eyes, to realize that somewhere… no, everywhere, somebody craves Roses on their Windshield.

Back to my story.
What did Brenda write that made me
Cry that Monday morning?

“This is the rose on the windshield of your car!!!

Dear Babe,If you don’t remember, I told you this song reminds me of you.  Please listen to the lyrics of “The Time of my Life”.  It says it all. This is the time of your life. The time for you to shine. The time for you to show others and to teach others the gifts that you have.

The time for you to achieve all that you want to achieve. The time for you to be proud of yourself. The time for us. The time of our future.The song talks about the ups and downs but ends up with the upside of it all.

I believe in you.  I believe in what you can do.  I believe the knowledge you have to give.  I believe in the spirit and enthusiasm you have to give.  I believe in you winning it all!

As I watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, I thought of you. Working so hard for the goal. Working for the gold. But at the end becoming one with each other. And becoming one with the universe. Thank God we are one with each other.

Now that we are, again, empty nesters, I feel like we are starting over. Go for the GOLD. You are my love, my life and my soul mate.”


Your Babe”

Included in the email was a link to a YouTube video of David Cook, the 2008 American Idol winner singing “The time of My Life”, which you can watch by clicking here.

The Power of Roses in Words and Actions
Love can Make a Difference

Since that day, many people have shared beautiful stories of their Roses with me and also said Roses on the Windshield struck a very deep chord with them. They told me it’s something very special, an inspirational message of love that people from around the world are hungry to hear and share.

I realized how powerful the message of Roses on the Windshield can be. People were saying they wanted what we have.

Others were saying, “We do those things too!”

I started thinking differently about Roses on the Windshield. People were asking for more. Others wanted to share their Roses. I got excited about ways to gather and share Roses from around the world. I started dreaming about it. I started talkng about it. I felt I was on a mission and could not stop thinking about it.

That brought another thought to mind.  How Roses are captured in a single moment in time through the magic of a gesture of love or the lens of a camera. Like the photo to the right of Brenda and me at the original site of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, 27 years after we visited while on our honeymoon.

That’s when Roses on the Windshield grew a bit bigger.

What if I were to add pictures to the stories of love? After all, love can be so hard to express in words and we all know that a picture tells a thousand words!

Lovers, authors, photographers – This is my call to you to share your Roses in words and pictures. Share your secrets of staying in love with your Roses on the Windshield stories. Show us the beauty of Roses and love in your photographs.  Help proclaim to the world the beauty of love and Roses on the Windshield.

Help us touch lives and spread the message of love…One Rose at a time.
With love and Roses on your Windshield,
Paul & Brenda Flood